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Privacy Policy

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Our privacy policy is simple:

When you buy a book from us, we collect information necessary to process your order; for example, your name, address and credit card information. We feel that this information belongs to you, not to us. We consider that you have given us permission to use this information for the sole purpose of charging you for a book and sending it to the street address you specify.

Our promise to you:

We don't and won't willfully and knowingly sell or otherwise reveal that information to any person, organization or company, for any reason, now or in the future, except as required by law. This includes your name, street address, email address, credit card information, what books you have ordered from us, nothing.

The only exception to the policy as outlined above, is a legitimate court order that specifically requires us to turn that information over to a legitimate police authority or officer of the court.

If we do receive such an order, we will make every attempt to notify you before we reveal that information, so that you may challenge the court order, if you wish.

If you have questions concerning our privacy policy just e-mail me.