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Peter Anderson, a well-known historical 25mm miniatures gamer, has given us a battle report on Ardros Field which was fought at Historicon in 2008. I think you will find the details fascinating.

This battle, which is the climactic moment in The Siege of Tarr-Hostigos, was recreated at this largest of all Historical wargaming conventions in the world. There were over 1500 28mm figures and 10 players involved in the game, played not all that far from Otherwhen equivalent site itself.

After suffering a series of stunning reverses, Styphon's House has pulled out all the stops. They have recruited, bribed, and otherwise assembled the biggest army ever seen in Otherwhen North America, the "Grand Host of Styphon", in order to defeat the "usurper" Kalvan once and for all. Composed of troops using a great variety of combat styles, and driven by Roxthar, Chief Investigator and High Priest of Styphon, the stage is set for a battle of epic proportions.

Download The Ardros Field Report